Bellerby Studio

Fringe theatre, emerging comedians, acoustic gigs & more!

G Live, Guildford

Bellerby Studio

About the Bellerby Studio

The Bellerby Studio can seat up to 100, so is ideally suited for smaller, intimate performances. Our studio space was named after well-known local residents, Bill and Doreen Bellerby, in recognition of the considerable support that the couple have given to the arts in Guildford.

Our studio space plays host to many family productions. With a relaxed atmosphere children are free to wiggle and wriggle, while accompanying adults are safe in the knowledge that they won’t disturb other theatregoers. A perfect way to introduce your children to the magic of live performance!

Our studio is also the perfect place to see fringe theatre, emerging comedians, and acoustic gigs.

What's on in the Bellerby Studio